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Greetings Cards - love

Developer: The Card Shop

New Years is soon! Please send greeting cards for the new year - Love - Surprise your relatives and give them a smile by sending different greetings cards for all occasions! Especially in Valentine's Day - Treat your girlfriend or boyfriend by sending a postcard with warm words in the Valentine's Day.More than 1000 different cards with and without inscriptions for moms and dads, grandparents, friends, brothers and sisters, beloved mate.
Ability to congratulate by unusual way, by sending a postcard to any approaching holiday: Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentine's Day - for free.
You have a possibility to congratulate your closest people by everyday’s cards such as I miss you ... Thank you ... Good morning! Have nice weekend, holiday, day!!!
The most important difference from the rest application - the ability to write any greetings and phrases that you want, the ability to turn your imagination on 100 percent.
An easy way to send a greetings card: by SMS and MMS, e-mail, social networks VKontakte, Facebook, the ability to send by WhatsApp, Viber, Skype.
Our base of every day and every holiday cards is replenished by our designers.Our application is free and specially designed for your convenience and entertainment, as well as your most loved people.
Only for you the most beautiful, bright, sunny and uplifting greeting card. Find a wonderful birthday card among the many submitted.
Full list of holidays when you can send our postcards:
- New Year- Christmas- February 23- March 8 - International Women's Day- May 1 - Labor Day- May 9 - Victory Day- February 2nd - Groundhog Day- February 14 - Valentine's Day- April 1- July 4 - Independence day- Thanksgiving day- Mothers Day- July 6 - the day of the kiss- July 8 - Family Day- October 31 - Halloween- Student's day- Day Pets
Postcards for special occasions in the life of each person- Birthday- Wedding day- Birth of a child
Cards for lifting the mood every day- Beginning of winter, summer, spring, autumn- First snow- Days of the week (apart Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)- Good morning !, Good night!- Waiting. miss- Thank you. Sorry.- Good day- Let's take a break!- With love
Postcard for congratulations of professionals holiday- Programmer's Day- Fisherman's Day- Day of the system administrator- Day of Metallurgist- Data Protection Day- Accountant's Day- Day of Trade- Day of Medical Worker- Day of the police officers- Day of the Navy- Day of the Airborne Forces- Teacher's Day
Cards of congratulations religious holidays- Happy Easter- St. Nicolas day
Travel & Vacation- Greetings from traveling to various countries of the world (Austria, Vienna, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Iceland, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Italy, Ireland, Venice, Poland, Thailand, Bora Bora Turkey, France, the Canary Islands, Paris, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Prague, China, Dubai, Vegas- Happy vacation!